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SMRI Members can download and maintain user licenses for the following software for free.

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Three types of (Windows) software have been upgraded since 2008, primarily for SMRI member use, but licenses are also available for sale to the public by contacting us.  

Installation and use of SMRI software means that you understand and agree to all terms of the license.  Users should contact the appropriate software tech support person for each program, as SMRI staff is not trained to offer tech support for our software. 

  • SALGAS (solution mining simulation software)
    -  SMRI v4 #2 version was updated and is support by Thomas Eyermann.
  • TOOLBOX (a calculator and general reference software for solution mining and cavern storage)
     - 2010 version created and supported by Brouard Consulting
  • SUBSID (surface mining subsidence simulation software) 
    - version 2, 2010 was updated and is supported by RESPEC

SMRI SALGAS Version 4.0 For Windows

Developed by Eyermann, member license free, public single user license is $2500. This software was the technical class topic of Spring 2008 and Fall 2008 SMRI Conferences.

SALGAS is a proprietary program owned by the Solution Mining Research Institute. The program simulates the dissolution of sodium chloride salt by water, optionally simulates the hydraulic properties and power requirements of the mining system, and optionally simulates the properties of a nitrogen pad used to protect the roof of the cavern from upward dissolving. SALGAS is written in FORTRAN in the mid 1970’s.

The capabilities of SALGAS were increased under an SMRI sponsored task in 2008. This version of SALGAS increases the capabilities of SALGAS in various technical aspects (some of these enhancements were originally added by RESPEC in 1993) – blanket adjustment, increasing the number of cells in the model, adding capabilities to model insoluble content in the salt, allowing the mining tubing strings to be relocated, input and output of data in American and metric units, alter the output to fit on letter-sized paper, and add a SMRI-owned Graphical User Interface (GUI.) This version of SALGAS does not change the basic model and uses much of the same coding developed by Dr. Saberian. The SALGAS for Windows GUI (SfW) simplifies data file preparation, allows review of the results after running a model and prepares a file to permit resumption of mining from the point the initial model ends using the data generated by the first model.

The FORTRAN program has been modified from the original FORTRAN program and later versions in numerous areas. Most of the changes are related to adding features such as insoluble component in the salt and adjustable roof blanket levels. These changes do not affect the base calculations. The number of cells in the cavern has been increased from the original 60 to 200. Extensive changes have been made to the input and output of the program. These changes were necessary to provide for the additional capabilities of the SALGAS as well as to provide output formats that can be more readily printed on letter-sized paper.
Version 4-2A makes a minor correction in the gas pad calculations when using metric units – there had been an incorrect conversion.

TOOLBOX  (a calculator and general reference software for solution mining and cavern storage)

-   Created by and is supported by Brouard Consulting.  User guide is included as pdf file                                                                                                                                         
-   Cost:   member license is free    
                 public single user license is 250.                                       
-   TOOLBOX software was the topic of technical classes at Spring 2008 and Fall 2008 SMRI Conferences. 
SMRI Toolbox makes several tools available to hydrocarbon storage operators and brine producers. This computer toolbox operates on a Windows personal computer and contains these tools:
  • Calculator for static downhole pressure.
  • Pressure-drop calculator
  • Calculator for static gas cavern-volume, working volume.
  • Database for fluid (pure gas and liquid) properties and a properties calculator.
  • Calculator for brine properties.
  • Calculator for natural gas properties.
  • Tubings/casings database, a minimum allowable casing thickness calculator.
  • Tool for units conversion.
  • Database of useful links.


SALT_SUBSID is a PC based subsidence model used to evaluate surface subsidence over underground openings in salt, potash, and trona. The software originally written in 1981 has the capability of developing a site specific subsidence model which can be used for predicting the future subsidence of a new or existing mining plan. The program can also predict casing string stresses and strains resulting from subsidence over solution wells. Time-dependent, creep closure induced, subsidence simulation can be performed on solution wells or dry mines.

The 2010 version has enhanced input and output for Windows users, better representation of cavern geometry, growth of the mine/cavern opening, cavern grouping, and horizontal displacement calculation.

Copyright of SMRI software, (‘SMRI SALGAS’, ‘SMRI TOOLBOX’, and ‘SMRI SALT_SUBSID’) is owned by the Solution Mining Research Institute, Inc. (“SMRI”, a non-profit research and educational organization) and all rights are reserved unless otherwise noted. Any reproduction or redistribution of this software that violates this license is expressly prohibited by law, and may result in severe criminal and civil penalties. Users assume all risk.