Proposal RFP2023-1: “Deep or Tall Cavern Abandonment Testing and Analysis”

SMRI is please to share with our members and industry friends Request for Proposal RFP2023-1: “Deep or Tall Cavern Abandonment Testing and Analysis”. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued based on recommendations from SMRI Research Report RR2022-1 “Abandonment of Salt Caverns, Phase 1: Gap Analysis”. Discussions within the SMRI Research Committee have shown that there is critical data gap in understanding the behavior of deep and/or tall cavern abandonment (i.e., where conditions may promote fracturing in the surrounding rock mass).  In particular, field tests and brine infiltration analysis are either incomplete or not understood well enough to assist with planning the abandonment of deep/tall caverns.  Therefore, the SMRI is requesting proposals that will enhance industry understanding and recommending practices for deep/tall cavern abandonment.

The overall objective of the study is to provide a greater understanding of deep/tall cavern abandonment.  There are several possibilities for the approach to this work and specifics regarding the scope can be found within the attached RFP.  Responses to this RFP should be reasonably brief (less than 10 pages), describe the proposed effort and offer a succinct discussion of the respective technical approach.

Proposals should be submitted in electronic form via email to Tim Bauer, SMRI Research Coordinator, ([email protected]), by 1 August 2023. Please email a statement of your interest or intentions to respond before 16 June 2023, so you can receive any updates or modifications to this RFP. Questions relating to this RFP should be directed in writing (via email) to the Research Coordinator. Answers to questions that apply to all potential proposers will be forwarded to identified proposers.