Research Committee Members 2020

Research Committee Members, Coordinator, and Chairman, (and if you're thinking of applying for RC)

This section includes the people who are working on or with SMRI’s Research committee for 2020. The 8 Research Committee members and the Vice President (Research Chairman) are volunteers working for the good of your industry, coordinated by SMRI's Research Coordinator, Fritz Wilke who was approved by member vote 8 April 2019.  

  • Dr. Brandon Lampe, WSP USA, USA (End 2021)
  • Mr. Dirk Zapf, University of Hannover, Germany (End 2021)
  • Mr. Grégoire Hévin, Storengy, France (End 2022)
  • Mr. Michael Rose, Williams - Midstream G&P, USA (End 2022)
  • Sam Voegeli, RESPEC, USA (End 2023)
  • Ms. Heike Bernhardt, DEEP.KBB, Germany (End 2023)
  • Mr. Arnaud Reveillere, Geostock, France (End 2024)
  • Dr. Joel Warneke, Cavern Solutions, USA (End 2024)

 Research Committee Chairman Mr. Dieter Bruckner, IfG Institut für Gebirgsmechanik GmbH, Germany, (SMRI Vice President) 

Assistant Research Committee Chairman – Mr. Eric Busch, Lonquist, USA, (SMRI Secretary-Treasurer) 

For contact information of the 2020 RESEARCH COMMITTEE people listed above, CLICK HERE for 10 February 2021 version 
Any members, (especially from North America!)  interested are welcome to apply by 1 March 2021 for a 2022-25 Research Committee position, please read the requirements,  CLICK HERE. Research Committee applications not selected this year are considered active in following years, unless applicant withdraws.  We usually have a list of highly qualified applicants and try to keep a balance of areas of expertise, operators - service providers, and countries/regions. Selection often takes 2 or 3 years even for best qualified applicants in their specific field.  Research Committee applications must be submitted to Fritz Wilke and a cc to John Nadeau, and acknowledged receipt by SMRI, by the annual deadline to be considered.