SMRI Members - Who are we?

SMRI membership is organization-based, meaning companies are members, not individuals. Member companies are involved in all aspects of solution mining, salt mining, or the use of salt caverns for gas, hydrocarbon, or hydrogen storage, from production of brine to environmental and safety regulations. Employees of these member organizations receive full member benefits as individuals, even though the membership is corporate. The individual members have full use of our library, reduced conference registration fees, and access to SMRI-produced software at no cost.

Types of organizations in SMRI:

• Mining companies (common water-soluble minerals are salt, potash, trona, magnesium, etc.);
• Utility, pipeline, and energy companies using caverns for fuel or energy storage;
• Engineering, geology, and geophysical consultants;
• Well and cavern field service providers, and contractors;
• Equipment or product manufacturers;
• Universities with mining, geology, and petroleum and chemical engineering departments;
• Government agencies focused on natural or mineral resources, health & safety, petroleum, etc.;
• Companies that handle development, exploration, management, promotion, permitting, etc.

Individuals within these organizations work in these positions: university professors and researchers; mining engineers and geologists; drilling experts; managers of gas storage and distribution networks; cavern designers and structural modeling specialists; salt, potash; and trona producers; government regulators; cavern surveyors; chemical engineers; consulting engineers; government managers of resources or facilities; and geophysicists mapping mineral deposits. Additionally, university students have opportunities to participate in our conferences.