About Us

The Solution Mining Research Institute (SMRI) was established in 1965 as a venue for the solution mining and underground storage industries to provide technical forums, educational presentations, classes, and discussions. Additionally, SMRI directs research efforts that can provide answers, improve mineral resource utilization, promote safe and environmentally sound operations, and help utilize caverns in the most beneficial ways.

SMRI is a non-profit research and educational organization with membership spanning the globe. SMRI welcomes participation by operators, researchers, suppliers, consultants, educators, government regulators, students, and others with interest in solution mining and cavern utilization. The organization has focused on the education of current and future industry participants and research specific to the industry needs and challenges.


Through our conferences, website, and online library, our goal is to facilitate technical discussion and advancement. SMRI’s technical library contains over 3,700 papers relating to cavern storage, salt characteristics, and rock mechanics. The library is available for free to our membership, and individual papers can be purchased by non-members.


SMRI plans, performs, and supports research projects with potential to improve our industry. SMRI presented a paper at World Salt X (2018), that highlighted some of the recent research projects SMRI has funded. SMRI is currently working on funding for hydrogen-based storage projects, other storage cavern topics, and salt-based projects.

Membership dues for SMRI helps to fund these projects, so please join the organization to advance the technologies and understanding of the cavern storage industry. Thank you to our members for your continued support.