Research Policy, Procedures, Surveys 

Identifying an industry need, question, or problem and leading to an active SMRI research project

  • SMRI members and industry are surveyed about every 5 years and asked to provide input to help focus research on subjects needed by the industry.  The latest RESEARCH SURVEY ended soon after the Fall 2014 Groningen conference, and past-Research Coordinator Mr. Gerard Durup reported results at Spring 2015 Rochester.  (For copy of the 6 page pdf blank survey form, please click on SMRI RESEARCH SURVEY EXAMPLE 2015  Members and non-members were encouraged to complete the survey to help guide the Research Committee and help us select future SMRI research topics. Mr. Durup reported the 2015 survey results at the Spring 2015 Business Meeting in Rochester NY, CLICK HERE FOR 2015 RESEARCH SURVEY RESULTS

  • Suggestions for research subjects or specific project ideas may be discussed and /or submitted at any time to the Research Coordinator, Dr. Fritz Wilke, or to active research Committee Members. 

  • The Research Chairman is the SMRI Vice President, who provides guidance to the Research Coordinator, who manages the research program. 

  • The SMRI Research Committee consists of 8 volunteer members, each serving for 4 years, meeting twice a year. 

  • The Research Committee meets on the Saturday before SMRI conferences to review existing research project progress reports, evaluate new research proposals, determine what subjects will be focus of new research, approving or advising on research plans, and making research recommendations to the Executive Committee. 

  • Before a new research proposal is contracted, it must pass a vote by the SMRI membership. 

  • Voting on a research proposal is normally held during a business meeting at our conferences, but  other voting methods may be used if the research opportunity is more urgent.