Active RFPs

SMRI periodically issues REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS, or RFPs, asking for research proposals on specific subjects. Research proposals and SMRI contracts are not limited to SMRI members, so non-members are welcome to submit proposals.   

Any questions relating to RFPs should be directed to the SMRI
Research Coordinator, Fritz Wilke, via email at [email protected]


The following ongoing SMRI research programs for which we are still accepting proposals:

1. “Cavern Sealing & Abandonment Research Program” (CS&ARP) long term interest in subject, and particular interest in finding caverns deeper than 1,000 meters for field testing.

2. “High Frequency Cycling of Salt Storage Caverns
research program (HFCSSC) subject interest, with projects underway, the Research Committee may be updating an RFP as they are still interested in more proposals. 

3. “Safe Dome Edge CavernsThe Research Committee will reissue a new RFP shortly.

4. "Renewable Energy Storage in Salt Caverns"SMRI is still be interested in specific proposals regarding Renewable Energy Storage. SMRI’s objective is to finance or co-finance research to promote the development of high-performance salt caverns for the storage of renewable energies and to improve the competitiveness of salt cavern technologies in the field of renewable energy management.
-  Examples for applications of salt cavern technology to be used for large scale renewable energy storage are:
                   • Compressed air energy storage (CAES), both diabatic and adiabatic,
                   • Hydrogen storage,
                   • Pumped hydro storage. 

Contact the Research Coordinator if you have an idea and are still interested in submitting a proposal. The RFP, published in 2012, had encouraged now applicants; therefore an update will be published. Any ideas to change focus with a new RFP are welcome.     RFP  2012-2 “Renewable Energy Storage in Salt Caverns”       VIEW RFP 2012-2