Active Research Projects

The list of active SMRI research projects, all funded by membership dues

U2017-5 “Companion Report on McGill University’s Phase I through III Research Results on Hanging String Dynamics” (Ratigan Engineering & Consulting, ‘RE&C’).  

RFP2017-01 “Standard Salt Collection & Distribution” – RESPEC

RFP2017-2 Update SMRI's Correlation of Chemical, Mineralogic, and Physical Characteristics to Salt Deformation and Strength, RESPEC

U2017-1 Thermal Properties of Damaged Salt, RESPEC and subcontractor TUC

U2017-2 Very Slow Creep tests phase 2 Ecole Polytechnique

Update to RR2017-2 Past caverns Incidents Database, Ecole polytechnique

U2017-3 “Hanging strings dynamics - Phase IV” McGill University, costs will be shared with PRCI 

U2018-2 “Cost Share Proposal for a Field Test to Advance Understanding of Flow-Induced Deformation in a Cavern Brine Hanging String” – Project team: Dr. Andreas Reitze (SOCON)
U2018-3: “Acquisition and Provision of Strain Measurements at Cavern Stassfurt BS13”. – Andreas Bannach, Brandon Lampe
U2018-4: “Development of a suitable method, monitoring and advance warning system to determine and measure Axial Loads in Casings”. - Silvio Zipfel, Heike Bernhardt
S2019-1: “Past Salt Caverns Incidents Database Part 2: Development of a database of past rock-mechanics incidents in salt caverns. Structural Integrity - Sinkholes, Collapses, Roof Falls, Major Ledges or Block Falls” – Arnaud Réveillère, Dirk Zapf