SMRI Members - Who are we?

SMRI member organizations are involved in all aspects of solution mining or the use of salt caverns for storage, from production of brine to environmental and safety regulations.  Employees of member organizations receive full member benefits, so those individuals are also referred to as ‘members’ even though the membership is corporate.  The members have full use of our library, reduced conference registration fees, and while members can use SMRI software at no cost.

SMRI, as of 1 MARCH 2017, is made up of: 

  • 72 Class A Members
  • 37 Class B Members
  • 41 Class C Members
  • 31 Class D (subsidiary) Members
  • 18 Class R (gov’t regulator) Members  
  • 1187 individual employees of member organizations active on email list
  • 1287 individual Non-Members active on email list (from >189 N/M organizations)

Types of organizations who are members of SMRI:

  • Mining companies, (common soluble minerals are salt, potash, trona, magnesium, etc.)
  • Engineering and consulting services
  • Well and cavern field services and contractors
  • Equipment  or product manufacturers
  • University mining, petroleum, chemical engineering departments
  • Government departments of natural or mineral resources, health & safety, petroleum, etc.
  • Geology and geophysics services
  • Project developers, exploration, management, promotion, permitting
  • Utility companies using caverns for energy storage

Individuals work in these positions, as examples of some members' individuals: university professors and researchers, mining  engineers and geologists, drilling experts, managers of gas storage and distribution networks, cavern designers and structural modeling specialists,  salt, potash, and trona producers, government regulators, cavern surveyors, chemical engineers, consulting engineers, government managers of resources or facilities, geophysicists mapping mineral deposits,  and we give university students opportunities to participate in our conferences.  

New member applications accepted during 2017: 

15 Mar 2017  Sovereign International, Inc., Class B, William Goodman, Amityville, NY USA

1 Mar 2017   Remedy Energy Services Inc., Class C, Michael Anthony, Calgary, AB, Canada

1 Feb 2017   Cavern Solutions, Inc., Class C, John Kyle, Pearland, TX, USA

31 Jan 2017 Innovare Technologies LTD, Class C, Max Ramey, Carlyle, SK, Canada

6 Jan 2017   Keyera Corporation, Class A, Alex Reed, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

New member applications accepted during 2016: 

2 Dec 2016   AGH University of Science and Technology, Class C, Katarzyna Cyran, Krakow, Poland

1 Oct 2016  VSProwess Limited, Class C, Mary Humphries, Wiveliscombe, Taunton, UK

23 Sept 2016 Petroleo Brasileiro S/A, Class B, Christiane Corrêa de Sá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10 Aug 2016  Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P., Class A, David Bonamy, Taylor, MI, USA

26 June 2016  Wild Well Control, Inc., Class B, Alistair Gill, Houston, TX, USA (REJOINED)

22 Mar 2016  Exponent, Failure Analysis Associates, Inc., Class B, Brun Hilbert, Menlo Park, CA, USA 

25 Feb 2016  Zintar LLC, Class C, Dzintra Ziemelis, Calgary, AB, Canada

16 Feb 2016  Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or "FERC", Class R, Elizabeth Anklam, Washington, DC, USA

6 Jan 2016   The Oil and Pipeline Agency, Class A, Robin Fanthom, London, UK (resigned 21 Feb 2017)

New member applications accepted during 2015:

28 Dec 15 MEQ Geo, Inc., Class C, Julie Shemeta, Littleton, CO, USA (resigned Apr 2017)

6 Nov 15 ATCO Energy Solutions, Class A, Lonni Swanson, Calgary, AB, Canada

5 Nov 15  Cameron Canada Corporation- Surface Systems, Class B, Kate Paradis, Calgary, AB, Canada

9 Oct 15  BGC Engineering Inc., Class B, Derek Kinakin, Kamloops, BC, Canada

17 July 15 INOVYN France Tavaux Plant, Class D, Jean Barottin, Taveaux-Cedex, France

17 July 15 K&B Technical Services, Inc., Class C, John Bowen, Carlsbad, NM, USA  (Resigned April 2017) 

16 June 15 China Salt Survey & Design Co., Ltd., Class C, Li Bo, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China

6 June 15 TATA Chemicals North America, Class B, Victor Braman, Green River, WY, USA (resigned Feb 2017)

18 May 15  Irani Engineering, Inc., Class C, Saeed Irani, Sacramento, CA, USA

13 Apr 15  Yara Mining, Class B, Jørgen Stenvold, Oslo, Norway

07 Apr 15  Wintershall Holding GmbH Länderbereich Deutschland, Class A, Viktor Eberhardt, Barbstorf, Germany 

08 Jan 15  BOTA┼× Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, Class A, Ertug Ozturk, Bilkent, Turkey

New member applications accepted during 2014: 

05 Dec 14 Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, Class R, Bram Nelissen, Regina, SK, Canada 

02 Dec 14 Underscore Consulting Inc., Class C, Alex Reed, Calgary, AB, Canada  (resigned Jan 2017)

03 July 14 Big Guns Energy Services Inc., Class B, Dickson Lee, Calgary, AB, Canada

25 Apr 14  Wolverine Energy Services Inc., Class C,  V. Wayne Dowhaniuk, Calgary, AB, Canada 

09 Apr 14  Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations, Scott Landry, Class A successor to DM Petroleum, USA. 

01 Apr 14  SCS Aquaterra, Class B, Chad Milligan, Wichita, KS USA

31 Mar 14  British Geological Survey, Class C  David Evans, Keyworth, UK

26 Mar 14  Swift Engineering Inc., Class B   Peter Poon,  Calgary, AB,  Canada (resigned Apr 2016)

24-Feb-14  Beckman Associates, Consultants Inc.   Class C   Kenneth Beckman,  Tomball, TX  USA

18-Feb-14  Fairway Energy Partners LLC , Class A   Mark Erskine,  Houston, TX USA (terminated Sept 2015)

18-Feb-14  Secure Energy Services, Class B   Mark Welty,  Calgary, AB, Canada (resigned Apr 2015)

17-Feb-14  Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP,  Class A    Ronald Strybos,  Houston, TX USA

28-Jan-14  Eastman Chemical Company,  Class A    Gregg Story,  Longview TX,  USA

8-Jan-14  Chevron Phillips Chemical, Class A    Bob Struebel,  Brazoria, TX, USA

8-Jan-14  KWA Kenwalt Australia Pty Ltd, Class C    Heather Smith,  Nedlands, WA, Australia

Member resignations (T=Termination) during 2014- 2015- 2016- 2017:

3 Apr 2017      REN Armazenagem, SA, Class A

3 Apr 2017      K&B Technical Services, Inc., Class C

28 Mar 2017    MEQ Geo, Class C

27 Feb 2017   TATA Chemicals North America, Class B  

21 Feb 2017   The Oil and Pipelines Agency, Class A

17 Feb 2017   CB&I, Class B

23 Jan 2017   Cicchini Projects Ltd., Class C

6 Jan 2017    Underscore Consulting Inc., Class C

23 Dec 2016  Chemkop Ltd., Class B

8 Dec 2016    Stream-Flo Industries Inc., Class B

7 Dec 2016    Vale Potash Canada Limited, Class B

7 Dec 2016    ngConsulting, Class C

6 Dec 2016    Milestone Potash Corp., Class B

19 Apr 2016   Shahrood University of Technology, Class C

18 Apr 2016   Swift Engineering, Class B 

18 Apr 2016   Freeport MacMoRan Energy, Class A

10 Feb 2016   Soda Sanayii A.S., Class A

2 Feb 2016  S001 Projetos em Engenharia S/A, Class C 

1 Feb 2016  C Tech Development Corporation, Class C 

27 Jan 2016  Sacré-Davey Vantage Engineering Inc., Class C  

8 Jan 2016  NG(0)3, Class C   

18 Dec 15 Zechstein Energy Storage, Class C 
17 Dec 15 KEM One, Class A 

16 Dec 15 Trinity Environmental Services, Class A,  T

9 Oct 15 Alton Natural Gas Storage, Class C,  T

8 Sept 15 Fairway Energy Partners, Class A,   T

21 August 15 Mormack, Class C

22 June 15 Cenovus FCCl Ltd, Class A

15 June 15  Sofregaz SAS, Class B

23 Apr 2015 Secure Energy Services, Class B

29 Apr 15  Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL), Class A

23 Apr 15  Global Gas, Class C

2 Apr 15   Royal Dutch Shell, Class B

28 Feb 15 Petroleum Safety Services, Class C

13 Jan 15  BHP Billiton, Class B  

31 Dec 14  Statoil, Class A 

22 Jul 14   Eti Soda, Class A, T    

22 Jul 14    Rio Tinto, Class A, T

22 Jul 14    Senergy, Class B, T

22 Jul 14    URS Corp., Class B, T

13 Jun 14  ESB, Class B

16 Apr 14   UAL Energy, Class C

15 Apr 14  Merchant Energy Holdings, Class A

04 Mar 14  Minemakers Limited, Class B

03 Mar 14  Conquest Drilling, Class C

28 Jan 14  Galp Energia, S.A. (Transgas Armezanangem) , Class A

8 Jan 14   Camce Mining, Class B

1 Jan 14   Wild Well Control, Class B