Future Conferences

2017 -2018 Conference Schedule and summary of plans.    click for sponsor information

SPRING 2017 23 - 26 April 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

 The Conference Announcement contains basic information regarding the event. Member and non-member registration closed 7 April 2017, and you must be in our database to register.  See the menu page "Spring 2017 Conference" for more information and download links. 

Call For Papers  was emailed and posted early January 2017.  Technical program is complete, Technical Class topic will be "Well Integrity Management".  List of papers and tech class schedule will be posted soon. 


FALL 2017 -   24-27 September 2017 in Münster, Germany. 

Technical Class topic will be "Well Integrity Management".

Spring 2018 - 16-18 June in Salt Lake City, Utah, Abbreviated SMRI Conference before World Salt X.

Details to be announced.

SPRING/SUMMER 2018  -  10th WORLD SALT SYMPOSIUM, June 19-21, 2018,   Park City (Salt Lake City region,) Utah, USA

SMRI will support and help manage the salt mining technical program of World Salt.  All SMRI members are encouraged to participate in this Symposium. April 2016 issued  CALL FOR PAPERS, and WORLDSALT10 WEBSITE is now active.  SMRI members will be kept informed as soon as information becomes available.

Tentative technical paper sessions will be: 

Salt Production
  1. Geology and Geochemistry
  2. Salt Sources and Occurrences
  3. Salt Extraction Technologies
  4. Production Safety
  5. Applications and Coproducts
  6. Processing, Analysis and Quality Assurance
  7. Energy and Economics
Salt and Health
  1. Salt and Health Outcomes
  2. Iodized Salt for IDD Elimination
  3. Salt Metabolism
  4. New Health Applications
Salt, Safety and the Environment
  1. New Developments in Environmental Data
  2. Developments in Best Winter Maintenance Practices
  3. Developments in other Application Practices
  4. Salt and History and Culture