Basics and By-Laws


  • Please note that SMRI’s objectives are foremost research and educational.
  • SMRI will be careful to comply with non-profit regulations.
  • Dues paid by our member organizations fund our research.
  • We contract out all our research, SMRI staff does not perform the research.
  • SMRI does not offer any commercial services. 
  • Conferences-  SMRI does not sell or offer space for advertising booths or promotional displays.
  • SMRI is also careful to promote fair competition, and will not engage in or foster anti-competitive or illegal business practices.
  • SMRI’s corporate membership list will soon be available on the website, and a NEW listing of services provided by members willing to participate will be updated for those looking for specific services.
  • SMRI has been a sponsor or co-organizer of every Salt Symposium since 1966.
  • For a listings of SMRI Staff and Officers, see tabs under 'contact us' menu. 
  • Want to be added to our contact list? click on "SIGN UP" (top right of screen) and fill in your info!
  • To learn about how SMRI is structured and organized, please see the ByLaws: 
    CLICK HERE to download the current version of BYLAWS OF THE SOLUTION MINING RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INC., Effective 1 January 2016.