SMRI Research Introduction and Objectives

  • SMRI’s research program is the heart of the organization.
  • Research program is led by new Research Coordinator Dr. Fritz Wilke, 17 Apr 2019 and the 8 member Research Committee.  We thank Peter Jordan for filling in as Interim Research Coordinator since last July.  
  • Our objective is to fund research efforts that focus on the solution mining industry’s needs.
  • Our research has both short and long term objectives,  so some is done in phases.
  • Research is funded from membership dues.
  • SMRI does not actually perform any research,  each project is contracted out.
  • Procedures are in place to get the most out of the SMRI research funds.
  • The efficiency of SMRI’s research budget has been improved by:

>  in 2002 formalized procedures, created Research Coordinator position,  more RFPs;
> use of  requests for proposals (RFPs) to for competitive proposals on specific subjects;
> partnering with other organizations to leverage resources when appropriate;
> on most projects,  companies cooperate with  free access to their sites for field research;
> operators and researchers make financial and operational contributions to the projects;
> allowing non-member organizations to perform research in areas of specific expertise;
> encouraging proposals from project teams made up of groups from different countries

  • Research subject examples of importance to SMRI members and our industry future:

> salt exploration techniques;

> geophysics;

> drilling;

> cavern aspects of energy storage related to renewable sources
> mechanical integrity testing of wells and caverns
> casing corrosion
> subsidence and sinkholes
> dissolution theory and cavern development
> cavern storage and utilization
> cavern sealing and abandonment  (CS&A, a long range research subject)